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Superstar Attorney Gloria Allred Has a Message for O.J. Simpson: Famed Lawyer States, “I’m not going to be intimidated by Mr. O.J. Simpson.”

Over the weekend, O.J. Simpson made national headlines for opening a Twitter account. This took place on the week of the 25th anniversary of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. He was tried and ultimately found not guilty of those murders in 1995. However, in a subsequent civil trial, Mr. Simpson was found liable for the murders and was ordered to pay a total of 33.5 million dollars.

Years later, Simpson was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery and served nine years in a Nevada prison. He was released from jail in 2017 and has reportedly been spending most of his time in Las Vegas.

Powerhouse attorney and CYInterview regular Gloria Allred, who represented the family of Nicole Brown Simpson during OJ Simpson’s murder trial, is back with us to weigh in on his Twitter account. She gives us her opinion on why people are interested in following the former football star/actor. As of this writing, Simpson has over 700,000 followers since he opened his account a few days ago:

“It’s like if there’s a car wreck on the freeway, people kind of stop and stare at it. Why? Because it’s an unusual event and in a way it’s, they’re very happy that they’re not the ones in it. But they’re trying to see what happened. Well, he’s like a car wreck on the freeway. People want to stop and look. And so we’ll see what happens with OJ Simpson. If he’s saying he’s got a little getting even to do, it sounds like he hasn’t changed much in prison.”

Now that he has been a free man since 2017, the famed attorney shares her advice for women who may come in contact with O.J. Simpson:

“Well, proceed at your own risk because he has a record with women that is chilling to say the least. … All the smiles that he engages in and the autograph signing and all the rest shouldn’t really fool anyone. This man presents a risk of harm to women, to the public perhaps and again, I don’t feel that what he’s saying evidences any rehabilitation while he was in prison.”

Attorney Allred has one message for O.J. Simpson when it comes to his statement on Twitter about having a little getting even to do:

“There may be people who could be at risk if he’s serious about getting even. … I can assure you that if I’m on his list, I’m not going to be intimidated by Mr. O.J. Simpson.”

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