Sunshine Hope, a Poem

Obliterating sunlight, casting out the demons of the night. Destroying fear. Restoring hope. Golden rays to bring us home. Home to our aspirations for a better future and a productive now. Obliterating sunlight, pulverizing our fears. Reminding us of what is dear. A source of strength. A source of renewal. The sun, our golden jewel.

Talked to a guy the other day. He said, “There is no hope.” I restrained myself from calling him a word that rhymed. I figured he’d come around in time. That the sun would show him the sublime. That he would come to see the goodness of man. That he could understand a greater plan. But if not, not.

We all cast about in the darkness from time to time. We get down. We get lost. We forget about what the source of happiness truly is. We are human. Not doomed. Just human. Yet, it is up to us to reach out, reach forward and most importantly, reach within. Reach within for the win. And release our own sunlight.

In the middle of the night we reflect, our time is shorter than we would hope. Not because there is not enough time. No. But because we fear our own inability to evolve in the time given. Whatever that time is. Life is not a quiz. It is a series of lessons ending in the unending. It is the upward or downward spiral we choose, of enlightenment or personal degradation and entropy. It is our choice. We simply need to give it voice.

Behold, young or old. There is no time like the now. The “wow” is in the now, because delay brings us to that nowhere of self-pity and fear. And this life is too dear. So, we must shake ourselves to the core. We must let the sunlight in. We must greet it with the age old grin. The understanding of the universe and life. Sometimes filled with strife. However, filled with wonderful wonderment too. And this we should seek ‘til we are through.

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