If you have something to accomplish, create a plan to accomplish it. The plan need not be elaborate. In fact, keep things simple. The simple plan you create should include a number of steps – clear, definable steps – that will bring you to your goal.

Too many times, we seek to accomplish a goal, yet either have no plan as how to accomplish it or become overwhelmed because we have not broken the process of accomplishing our goal into small steps. If I want to climb a mountain but can barely walk a kilometer on flat ground, perhaps it makes sense to first focus on getting into good basic physical condition. Realistically, I cannot train to climb a mountain unless I have some basic cardiovascular fitness.

So, the steps to climbing the mountain might be: 1) Find someone or some quality information that will teach me how to get into good basic condition. 2) Get into good basic condition. 3) Find someone or some quality information that will teach me how to get into shape specifically for mountain climbing. 4) Get into shape for mountain climbing. 5) Find a qualified, reliable guide who has experience in climbing the mountain I want to climb. 6) Learn what I need to learn from my guide. 7) Prepare myself for the climb according to the instructions of my guide. 8) Climb the mountain with my guide.

Certainly, the steps I have listed are not set in stone and some steps might be able to be acted upon simultaneously. However, utilizing a plan based on basic steps makes the path to the goal simpler, less frightening and more achievable.

Whether we are in business, school or working on a particular personal project, breaking the path to our goal into steps seems like a good thing to do. Good luck!

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