Staying Successful

Do not allow your success to become a prelude to failure. What do I mean? Well, in business for example, sometimes when we become successful we start believing that “we know.” It’s true that we may know some things. However, we do not know everything. Yet, success can be seductive and the more successful we become the more we are susceptible to being seduced by a belief in our own omniscience.

Ongoing success is predicated upon evolution. We have to take stock of what we know and have enough humility and self-awareness to comprehend that we do not know everything.

When we meet with tough times it is good to remind ourselves of our knowledge and value. We have to maintain a belief in our ability to succeed particularly during a period which is fraught with challenges. At the same time, it is imperative when things are going very well that we remind ourselves that, indeed, we are not infallible.

To maintain a trajectory of success means we have to balance self-belief with humility. To stay on a path of accomplishment means we have to continue doing certain things that have led us to be successful while at the same time being open to growth and personal evolution.

At every stage of our lives, it is imperative we take stock of ourselves and the way we work to accomplish our projects. We must be rigorously honest about what works and what does not. Success should not be allowed to become an excuse for not embracing new knowledge and new and possibly better ways of doing things.

A success lifestyle is a lifestyle of continued growth, learning, personal evolution and achievement. Resting on our laurels and thinking we are great solely owing to past accomplishments is a prescription for nonsuccess.

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