Starting Your Own Business: Initiative

For a large number of us, work is a fundamental part of our lives. And, when it comes to work, we have a choice. We can work for someone else, or we can work for ourselves. For some people, getting a job in an organization that others have founded is just fine. To be certain, there is any number of excellent companies to seek employment with.

At the same time, some of us dream of working for ourselves, of being our own bosses, of developing our own companies. What is the single most important quality we need to possess in order to turn the dream of creating our own business into a reality? One word immediately springs to mind. Initiative!

We can have all kinds of dreams. We can make all kinds of plans, yet if we do not actually take action, those dreams and plans will be for naught. They will absolutely, positively, be for naught.

Having initiative means that we put aside fear of failure, fear of success, waiting for the perfect moment to begin and any other reason we might have for not starting right now. It is true that, when entering into a business endeavor, we should be prudent. It is true that we need to be organized and have backup plans and contingencies to help make our dreams come true. However, at some point we must get started. Otherwise, in the future we will look back at our lives and softly mumble to ourselves, “If only I had gotten started. If only I had believed in myself. If only…” You get the idea.

Dream. Dream often. Dream big. Pick one of your business dreams, one that you have particular passion for. Go out and get educated about that field of endeavor. Then, make a plan with built in contingencies to see you through to success. And finally, take the initiative and get started. Will you be guaranteed to succeed? Absolutely not. Might you fall flat on your face trying to make your dream come true? It is a distinct possibility! However, if you do not go for your dreams, you are assured of one thing. You will never make them come true. Can you live with that?

Have initiative. Take initiative. Live to win! Make your dreams come true!

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