Star Las Vegas Singer M3CCA Joins Us Again on CYInterview

Every Saturday night from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM Pacific Time, Las Vegas based singer M3CCA entertains a crowd of music enthusiasts at The Shag Room at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. Since last year, the chanteuse’s residency at the Las Vegas resort has showcased her singing some of music’s most popular songs, in her own original and entertaining way.

M3CCA joined us for a CYInterview where she had a lot to say about her experience performing weekly at the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas.

“I have a full live band with a horn, piano, base, drums and we just have so much fun out there. … I feel everything very deeply and that includes singing as well. So, I feel everything. I kind of put my all into a song and I try to connect with the audience and make them feel, you know, what I’m singing.”

On March 30th, M3CCA will give a one-night performance celebrating the music of Sade, at the entertainment venue Gambit in Henderson, Nevada. Show time starts at 7:30 PM Pacific Time. Speaking about the upcoming event, she shared this:

“Sade is another musical influence. My mother listened to her a lot when I was little. … I had a wild imagination as a child and I was like, my mom’s Sade. Like, you guys look so much alike, you know, very similar and very similar sound too. So, I just was so inspired by Sade and I love her voice and sultriness and her exotic sensuality that she like, delivers on stage. And I have always wanted to do a tribute to Sade.”

M3CCA also spoke about the Las Vegas entertainment scene, her singing style and much more.

You can listen to and watch the entire CYInterview below:

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