Stallone, Tulsa King, Paramount+

When it comes to great Thanksgiving movies, the original Rocky, from 1976, is a good choice. Many of the movies in the Rocky Balboa franchise have come out around Thanksgiving.

Rocky Balboa is the role that made movie star Sylvester Stallone a household name. Though there is not a new Rocky movie in theaters this Thanksgiving, fans of Sylvester Stallone can open up their favorite device and see him in a new streaming series on Paramount+ called Tulsa King.

Mr. Stallone plays a mobster named Dwight, who gets out of prison after a 25-year stint. After visiting his mafia family in New York, he is told to pack his bags and head to Tulsa, Oklahoma, as there is no organized crime there and the city is full of opportunity.

The first two episodes have showcased some witty dialogue from Mr. Stallone, that will make you laugh. Now that he is a free man, Dwight questions what America has become. Though he admits he is fine with the country evolving, he is daunted by certain things that have taken place. The show has moments that are topical and relevant.

A new episode of Tulsa King will be released every Sunday on Paramount+.

Photo credit: Brian Douglas/Paramount+