Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Stat: Nurse Maggie Rawlins, Beauty, Brains and Compassion

Last month, we shared with you that some of this year’s models featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue got together in Hollywood, Florida for a beauty event [see here].

One of the models at the event was Maggie Rawlins. See her photograph above. Aside from posing in some of the world’s most beautiful tropical paradises, Ms. Rawlins is a nurse.

As reported by the NY Post last month, in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic last year, Ms. Rawlins signed on to work at a health care facility in Queens, New York to assist patients who were infected with Covid-19.

Additionally, Ms. Rawlins was Maxim magazine’s May/June cover model. She has also worked for Victoria’s Secret.

Some people might see Maggie Rawlins and jump to the conclusion that she is stunningly beautiful but not much else. An old saying comes to mind, never judge a book by its cover.

Bravo to Ms. Rawlins for volunteering, giving her time, and putting herself at risk when so many people have needed help from frontline health care workers. Maggie Rawlins is a true hero. And, yes, she is beautiful.