Sparkling Skyla Johnson: Real Estate Agent by Day, Las Vegas Showgirl by Night, Third Generation Dancer – Now with Fantasy at the Luxor Hotel and Casino – Shares Her Story

She is a real estate agent by day and a Las Vegas showgirl by night. Speaking of showgirl, Skyla Johnson is third generation. With a grandmother and mother who were also glamorous Las Vegas dancers in major productions, the performing arts were always part of Skyla’s life. Today, it is her turn to tell her story. She is part of the long running female revue Fantasy at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Reflecting on her family’s history and now her story as a Las Vegas entertainer, Skyla tells us this:

“My grandma brought the Lido over from Europe at the Stardust. My mom opened Jubilee at Bally’s. And I continue that legacy as a showgirl in Fantasy, but grew up my entire life dancing. My mom and grandma owned a dance studio, grew up doing ballet, jazz, modern tap, contemporary, everything you could possibly think of, different dance styles. Also spent some summers in New York City taking classes and just really continuing to grow my knowledge. And I feel like it was a destiny that I ended up being a professional dancer on the Strip.”

Skyla Johnson

This month marks the one-year anniversary of Las Vegas shows being halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. On what it has been like to get back on stage full time, after not dancing for much of the last year in Fantasy, Ms. Johnson shared this:

“All of us are just giving our all just because last year, like, we didn’t know that was going to happen, nobody knew. It took us by surprise and I just think now it’s like, you still don’t know what’s gonna happen. So every night, you know, just kind of give your all and just be happy and excited and grateful to be there.”

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Las Vegas shows are still performing with limited audiences. However, Skyla says the energy from the crowds has been amazing:

“The energy and the noise and the crowd clapping for us, screaming, has been incredible. And I think people, just, so excited to be back, you know, watching a Vegas show, being in Vegas, on the Strip, being in the entertainment world. So, I think that the loudness of the crowd makes up for the numbers.”

Skyla Johnson of the Las Vegas show Fantasy

In her time away from being a professional dancer over the last year, Skyla became a real estate agent. She is now working for Forever Home Realty here in Las Vegas:

“I’ve always had a love for architecture and homes and design. And I thought, what’s something that I could still make my own schedule and still have a career out of and still love. And I found real estate. And I took the classes and I passed my real estate exam in October. And with everything taking longer, I didn’t get my license until the beginning of this year. So I’m still working on that business and, you know, growing my cliental. But I’m really excited to get started. I love that real estate agent by day, Vegas showgirl by night and I’m really excited to begin that story as well.”

To learn more about Skyla Johnson’s life as a Las Vegas entertainer, her new life as real estate agent and much more, you can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

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