Sometimes; a Poem

Sometimes, and I want to emphasize sometimes
There is this hollow feeling inside
And we look to fill it
Perhaps a nice meal?

For a while, the meal fills us
Then the hollowness returns or it does not
Depending on what we are doing
If we are engrossed in something, we forget the hollowness

Sometimes, and I want to emphasize sometimes
We feel all alone
At times we even feel alone in the company of others
In fact, for some of us, we feel most alone when with others

A meal, by itself, does not cure loneliness
Sure, eating with others might help
Unless, of course, we feel alone in their company
That disconnected feeling; strange that

Sometimes, and I want to emphasize sometimes
We feel misunderstood
This might be on more occasions than we would like
Speaking and feeling as if our words are not even heard

Yet I wonder if we attempt to improve our communication skills
If we attempt to understand friends and family more
If we look at things from their perspectives
How much do we strive to listen and speak better in general? I wonder

Sometimes, and I want to emphasize sometimes
The sky is really blue and the sun is shining
Perhaps, we take this for granted when it happens
Hopefully, we remind ourselves just what a gift it is

Sometimes, a cat or dog passes by and snuggles up to us
That makes most of us feel good
It brings a smile to our faces
In that moment we know joy, without realizing we are joyful

Sometimes, we feel love
We feel connected and whole and good
This is the best feeling of all
For love, along with kindness and goodwill, heals the world

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