Soft Lights, Soothing Music

We often think of soft lights and soothing music, particularly when paired together, as things pertaining to romance. How often, however, do we consider the sound and lighting of our workplaces and homes? In fact, how much do we really pay attention to what kind of ambience is being maintained there at all?

Consider stores you enjoy shopping in. Consider restaurants you like going to. Do you think the experiences you have there are impacted by the ambience? I believe the answer is an emphatic yes. Whenever we go to an establishment, we are impacted, positively or negatively by the environment we find ourselves in.

The ambience of a workplace affects workers and customers alike. Customers are likely drawn to places that are clean, well designed and comfortable. Workers, no doubt, are likewise affected by their environs. And at home, the more soothing an environment we can construct for ourselves the happier we are likely to be.

If you run or manage a business, it might make sense to take a look at some studies on how the ambience of an organization affects those people in it. I seem to recall a study suggesting that making changes in the workplace positively affected worker productivity. I have to imagine similar studies exist focusing on how constructing an inviting environment can help attract and keep customers.

The right lighting and music may create an environment in which we can spend a romantic evening. So too, I believe, the right layout, décor, lighting and music can work to attract customers to stores and increase worker productivity in general. Meanwhile, at home, we are bound to be more comfortable.

This is not a one size fits all proposition, of course. What is appropriate for a factory is not likely appropriate for a shoe store or coffee shop or where we live.

The notion of creating a more inviting, productive, comfortable environment has merit. You might want to consider it.

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