Sober, Centered and Insightful Political Commentator/Prognosticator Cliston Brown Back with Look at 2020 U.S. Elections, More

On Sunday, political commentator/prognosticator Cliston Brown released his latest analysis of America’s 2020 election cycle. You can find his in-depth report about the races for President, Senate and the House of Representatives on his website, by clicking here.

The political journalist has been making predictions about American elections for years. Since we spoke with him last on CYInterview [see here], Mr. Brown now believes Joe Biden has expanded his hold on the electoral map and strengthened his odds of becoming the next President of the United States. He now thinks both Ohio and Iowa could be states won by the Democrats on November 3rd:

“In what people tend to call the Rust Belt, the upper Midwest, and Pennsylvania, we are seeing that the trends are very much in Joe Biden’s favor. And in fact, I now characterize Ohio and Iowa as tilting Democratic, which frankly was not something I expected I would be doing. … Now I’m seeing Ohio and Iowa tilting Democratic, but I’m still seeing problems in Florida for Biden and not entirely sure that I think he’s gonna win that state.”

Aside from the Presidential Election, many Americans will be focusing on who win the United States Senate. Mr. Brown now says the Democrats have a slight advantage over the Republicans:

“I think it possible Democrats could pick up more than 51 seats in the Senate. I don’t think it’s very likely. And I still do not believe that there is a high likelihood that any one of these states is gonna produce a split result, but it would be foolish to look at a situation like Iowa where Theresa Greenfield [Democratic Senate candidate] is clearly running ahead of Joe Biden and say that it can’t happen. I don’t think It’s likely to happen.”

Focusing on Las Vegas and Nevada as a whole, some have said the Silver State could be in play for Republicans in the Presidential Election. In 2016, Democratic nominee for President Hillary Clinton won Nevada by less than three percent. Cliston gave his thoughts on our state:

“Clark County decides how the state is going to go. Half of the people in the state live in Clark County. And if Democrats get a good turnout in Clark County, they will win the state. If they don’t, things get tricky.”

This past week, President Trump, many White House officials, and numerous Republican politicians contracted Covid-19 after attending a Supreme Court nomination ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett, who herself was infected with the coronavirus during the summer. Many of those in attendance did not wear a mask or maintain social distance. On how something like this could happen, Cliston offered this:

“There is this notion that personal liberty trumps everything and I see a lot of emphasis by the Republican party on everybody having the liberty to do whatever they want, but not a lot of emphasis on our responsibility to our fellow citizens. There’s a lot of talk about freedom, but not a lot of talk about responsibility. And that really concerns me a lot about the Republican Party.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview, to talk about a variety of topics concerning the upcoming elections and the state of American politics.

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