Small Steps; a Poem

I’m on the edge; I mean it. Time ticking by; I feel it. Regrets, I am filled with them. I turn to all directions, which way to move? Is this it? Have I permanently lost my groove?

Life is so big. I am so small. And I am sitting here, looking straight into the squall. But I have to take action, that is what I need. Get into motion, that should be my creed. Should! What a word, what a concept. I should’ve done a lot of things I think. At least, I haven’t lost myself in drink.

Is lamenting time wasted? Maybe. Do I do it? Certainly! Is there another way to go? I believe so! Am I taking it? If I am, it is taking too slow. I’ve got to get into action now. To move it or lose it. To release the energy within. I’ve got to escape complacency, if I am in it to win.

My soul hovers in limbo while my stomach churns. Each day I wonder what have I earned. Have I done right? Have I done good? Have I done what I should? Ah, there goes should again. Maybe I should let it go. If I keep focusing on should, I am going to move too slow.

How do you find the on switch in life? How do you get moving when you feel you’ve lost the fight? How do you turn things around, when you feel like you’ve been ground all the way down? How? And listen, I am not asking a rhetorical question. How do I do it? How? How? How?

You know, the epiphany might not come. There might not be a moment of clarity or a lightning bolt from up high. If I just shuffle my feet back and forth, this will be how I die. And that just is not acceptable. No it is not. Perhaps there are no big answers. So it is up to me to take my shot. I have to just go for it.

Small steps! Small steps is how! Today I will move my feet. Tomorrow I will wonder how. Sometimes it is just time for action and that action is now. Time to get going, in the smallest possible way, I will leave the quantum leaps for another day. But if I keep making smalls bits of progress, I will be on my way.

I can leave big alone. Tiny and small will get the job done. I will turn back in time and realize that it was the path well tread. That I do not need a quantum leap or an epiphany from overhead. I just need to take small steps, each and every day. And if I do that I will find my way.

Small steps is the way.

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