Slow Dance of Change, a Poem

Stranded on a desert island of my mind. No palms, no blue waters, the sky not divine. The void, inescapable and deep. Standing but asleep on my feet. Down, way down, yet still not out. The need for help present but unable to shout. Caught in the depths. Covered by an ink black blanket. Strangling in emotion and thought. In a word, distraught.

Rejected, dejected and scorned. Tired, drained and world worn. Wanting to make a change, but caught in not slow but no motion. The only savior, to hope there’s still devotion. Crying silent and tearless. Shaking and broken, gone is fearless. Afraid of being afraid. Feeling like a participant in a masquerade. And, yet, still clinging to hope.

Salvation and redemption the desire. In the gut still burns a raging fire. The question, how to connect desire to action? What will it take? What kind of reaction?

The time for dawdling long past. Now is the time to move fast. Now is the moment to take action. But that could have been said long ago and we know things have moved far too slow. Yet, now is the time to go, go, go!

Prayer, reverent and true. Blossoming effervescent ideas shining through. One more push, one more try, one more effort before I die. Could it be, would it be, the moment to act. Action easier described than walked. Action, less romantic than as talked. Action, slow, steady and step by step. The only salve to abate permanent regret.

Looking skyward, looking inward, looking. In the brain something’s cooking. Now the soul must get onboard. Now the marrow must reverberate. Hey, change is coming, be it ever so slowly. Isn’t that great.

Change comes slowly looking forward. But looking back, it takes place in a flash. For that hold to hope and stay the course. You are, in the realm of your desires and dreams, the ultimate boss.

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