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Singing Powerhouse Couple Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. Talk to CYInterview: 50 Years of Marriage, Staying Together, Their Music, More

This July, legendary show business couple Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. will celebrate 50 years of marriage. What is their secret to marital success?

From winning Grammys as part of the 5th Dimension to winning awards as husband/wife duo McCoo and Davis, they are one of music’s great entertainment couples. They had their own music variety show on CBS and Marilyn hosted the famous TV show Solid Gold. They also appeared on many famous TV programs, from The Ed Sullivan Show to The Sonny and Cher Show.

Listening to their CYInterview with us, it is clear that they strive to not allow anyone to get in the way of their relationship.

On their marriage, Marilyn McCoo told us this:

“Billy and I are friends and we’ve been friends forever. I think that’s what it really takes to reach 50 years. You have to really like the person that you’re living with. … Billy and I really respected each other and respected our relationship and we weren’t looking to run around with folks and that wasn’t going to be our measure of how important we were as people.”

Billy Davis Jr. added this about their almost 50 years together:

“50 years in this business, you know when you say the entertainment business where people don’t stay married for five months, so we doing well, you know and it’s just a real, real blessing to be able to spend that many years. We looked up one day and 50 years had gone by. And we said, ‘Wow!’ We didn’t even know it because with our friendship, we have so much fun together. We don’t even think about time. We’re just in it.”

Today, McCoo and Davis continue to perform around the country. We just saw them here last month, in Las Vegas, at The Orleans Showroom [see here]. Their show is entertaining and takes you through their entire careers, with a compelling stroll down music’s memory lane.

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview, with lots of career highlights from music power couple Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. You can listen to the almost 30 minute CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. CYInterview:

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All of Billy Davis Jr. and Marilyn McCoo’s upcoming concert dates for 2019 and 2020 are below:

August 16th at the Palace Theatre, in Greensburg, PA (just outside Pittsburgh)

August 17th in Lakeside, OH (just outside Cleveland)

Sept 20-22, 2019 The BigE Festival – Springfield, MA

Nov 9, 2019 – Lynn Memorial Auditorium – Lynn, MA (just outside Boston) with Herman’s Hermits

Jan 11, 2020 – McCallum Theatre – Palm Desert, CA

March 5, 2020 – Orlando – Hard Rock Hotel

March 24, 2020 – Van Weezel Performing Arts Center – Sarasota, FL

March 26, 2020 – Ruth Eckard Hall – Clearwater, Fl

March 27, 2020 – Boca Raton

You can find them on Twitter clicking here.

Check out their official website clicking here.