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Singer/Songwriter/Actress Samantha Cole Back with New Music: She Speaks with Us about that and More

At 43, singer/songwriter/actress Samantha Cole is back with new music. Ms. Cole calls it a rebirth and not a comeback. In the 1990s she had a contract with Universal Music, when she was 19 years old. She had a self-titled album two years later, that David Foster, Richard Marx [see here] and Diane Warren worked on.

Samantha told us, in our CYInterview, that one million dollars was spent by Universal Music on her debut album. Though she failed to reach large scale commercial success in America, Samantha was a hit in international markets including Asia and the United Kingdom.

Ms. Cole also worked with reggae singer Shaggy on the 2001 song Luv Me Luv Me. She would appear with him on the popular UK show Top of the Pops, to promote the track. In the mid 2000s, Samantha also performed on the New York club scene. Today, a mother of three children, she is a voice coach for aspiring singers. Her business, Celebrity Voice Coach, can be found at

After a particular relationship, Ms. Cole was inspired to record a new song titled Hitchhiker. The song’s music video is now on YouTube and can be listened to, as well, on Spotify. An EP will also be coming on October 23rd. None of this was originally planned by the singer.

You can listen to Samantha’s entire CYInterview below to hear about her highs, lows and what she has learned with over 20 years of experience in the music industry:

Listen to the entire Samantha Cole CYInterview:

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