Singer Skye Dee Miles, DW Bistro Las Vegas Gospel Brunch, Easter Sunday

DW Bistro in Las Vegas is holding a gospel brunch on Easter Sunday. The featured entertainer for this special event is singer Skye Dee Miles. Ms. Miles is one of the great performers here, in the Entertainment Capital of the World. For more than a decade, she has performed in some of our city’s most prominent venues.

Skye said this about the gospel brunch this Sunday at DW Bistro:

“We have a choir It’s usually a 15, 20 team choir, local choir called Friends of Gospel led by Sharon Scott-Wilson. And then, I call on my Vegas singing friends. So, we have a few guest artists.”

On what it means to have the acknowledgement and respect of her peers in the Las Vegas entertainment community:

“I can say last year after losing my mother, I had a group of friends hold a Love for Skye event, which was kind of like an achievement award. I felt like I was getting a lifetime achievement award. I don’t think I realized I was loved the way that I was loved and respected the way I was respected until then.”

By listening to this CYInterview, you will gain an appreciation of who Skye Dee Miles is as an artist and a human being.

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview.

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