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Singer/Celebrity/Roast-Host Deana Martin Brings Back Roasts Her Father Made Famous: Gives Thoughts on Latest Roast of Criminal Minds Star Joe Mantegna at South Point Hotel and Casino

Those with fond memories of the famous Dean Martin celebrity roasts will be excited to know that his daughter, singer/actress/author Deana Martin has brought the roasts back, under her watch. This past Sunday evening, Deana and a variety of stars and comedians came together to roast Tony Award winning actor Joe Mantegna, at the South Point Hotel and Casino. See our photo with her above.

The evening brought about many laughs, yet some of the roasters found it challenging to say bad things about Joe Mantegna, who continued to hear the narrative from his roasters all night, that he was just too nice to be in show business. In the coming days, we will bring you our CYInterview with Joe Mantenga and you can hear his thoughts on what he thought about being roasted.

After the roast concluded, we had a chance to speak with Deana Martin about the evening’s events and why she wanted to partake in these roasts as paying tribute to her dad. She told us, “I remember going to the MGM Grand and watching it, but of course it started on my dad’s TV show. So I thought, you know what? And I can’t remember exactly the moment that it came to me, but I said, ‘You know what? I’ve got to re-due the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast. It will be Deana Martin Celebrity Roast.’ And people have loved it. So I’m really thrilled with it.”

To hear her thoughts on the Joe Mantegna Roast, what her father Dean Martin would have thought of it and what she enjoys singing as a performer, you can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Deana Martin CYInterview:

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