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She Sparks Up the Show: We Speak with the Talented Allie Sparks of Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream, at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Recently, we reported on magician/illusionist Xavier Mortimer’s show, Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream, a Bally’s Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas [see here]. We also had a CYInterview with Xavier [see here]. Today, we bring you our CYInterview with his co-star Allie Sparks. Ms. Sparks plays the character Belle in Mr. Mortimer’s production. Belle is Xavier’s love interest in the show.

The two recently celebrated recognition from the 2019 Best of Las Vegas awards, in the categories of Best Magic Show and Best Family Friendly show. Before being in Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream, Allie was a dancer and performed in a variety of Las Vegas productions. She has background in dance, including ballet, jazz and hip hop. The role of Belle is the first, in her performing arts career, where rehearsal and practice are ongoing.

Below you can read the highlights and listen to our entire CYInterview with Allie Sparks:

Listen to the entire Allie Sparks CYInterview:

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Reacting to the award recognition she and her Las Vegas show partner Xavier Mortimer received from the 2019 Best of Las Vegas Awards, Allie Sparks said this:

“We’re super ecstatic because we work so hard on this show. It’s literally morning and night that we’re working and trying to improve everything and make sure that audiences are having a good time with us. So, it feels really good to be recognized for that.”

Allie Sparks, Allie Sparks Xavier Mortimer's Magical Dream, Allie Sparks Belle, Allie Sparks Las Vegas, Allie Sparks Las Vegas Strip, Dancer Allie Sparks, Allie Sparks Xavier Mortimer
Allie Sparks with her Las Vegas show co-star Xavier Mortimer. They perform at Bally’s Hotel and Casino.

Focusing on the character of Belle, which she plays in Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream, she shared this:

“It means a lot to me because I feel like the audience really enjoys this character a lot more than ever before. And it’s not just some assistant on stage. Like, now there’s this actual character that people can relate to and laugh at and have a good time with.”

Allie Sparks is making a name for herself on the Las Vegas Strip in Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream

Reflecting on her life as a Las Vegas Strip entertainer, Ms. Sparks tells us this:

“All I can say is it’s a really interesting life. It’s something I actually never expected to be a part of and I’m super grateful to be doing that. … Actually having a role and being recognized is something everyone can dream of in a Vegas show because normally, these shows they involve like 10 or 20 people that no one knows their name or anything. So I’ve been really lucky to have what I have with this show and it’s a great feeling. I love it and I’m grateful for it every day.”

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