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Sharp and Centered, Actor/Producer/Talent Manager Mason Reese Catches Us Up on His Life and Projects

Last year we brought you the story of child acting star Mason Reese [see here]. He is best known for his 1970s commercials, being the first celebrity from commercials to be on the cover of TV Guide and his numerous appearances on the Mike Douglas Show. Today, his life focuses on a variety of projects in the music industry and his enduring passion to get a TV pilot he shot picked up.

The TV pilot Mason is working on called Life Interrupted has many prominent TV stars attached to it, including Dawn Wells from Gilligan’s Island, Erin Murphy from Bewitched and Alison Arngrim from Little House on the Praire, among others. Mason says there will be new developments on the project in early 2017.

We welcome Mr. Reese back to talk about that and a variety of other topics. You can read the highlights and listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Mason Reese CYInterview:

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Giving us an update on what he plans to do with the TV pilot, Life Interrupted, which he shot with many TV acting legends, Mason Reese said this:

“We’re looking at doing seven mini episodes, about four and a half to five minutes a piece that will roll out once per week for seven weeks and we will also be submitting ourselves to all of the festivals across the country that are dedicated to secondary platform, you know, places, web series type original content of that nature and hopefully will get some PR out of that and will roll from there.”

In our 2015 CYInterview, Mason admitted to us he does like to gamble a little bit. His game of choice is poker:

“The truth of the matter is I do like to play a little bit of poker. I think since Texas Holdem, you know, took over the world by storm on ESPN and other places; I’ve gotten kind of interested in that. Now I am no Ben Affleck, you know or these other guys that are playing these million dollar cash games. But listen, if I win or lose two or three hundred bucks and I get to get a few hours of fun out of it, I’m a happy guy. So by no means am I a whale as they like to call it out in Vegas.”

Life Interrupted, Mason Reese
The cast of Life Interrupted

Some people might believe that child stars have very challenging adult lives, after the fame is over. For Mason Reese, his life as an adult is a positive one. He has a lot to look forward to every single day. He offered this:

“A lot of people have very preconceived ideas of what child stars are like, you know, what we turn into after the spotlight fades away, that we become blithering idiots and drug addicts and alcoholics and we all fall apart and you know, we’re all suicidal and we’re all carrying guns, all these crazy misconceptions that unfortunately the public has developed. And it’s not the case.”

You can find out more about Mason Reese’s management firm clicking here.

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