Gloria Allred

Serve, Volley Over Tiger Folly: Legal Bigs Continue Battle

Yesterday, Gloria Allred sent us an email response to something Roy Black said in an interview we ran on Tuesday. We had asked Attorney Black why he thought Rachel Uchitel was meeting with Gloria.

Black said, “The only reason anybody meets with Gloria Allred is to work out your media strategy to be sure that you’re on every possible TV show 24 hours a day. Yeah. That’s not a good sign for Tiger Woods that she’s meeting with Gloria Allred cause Gloria is just there for Gloria. She’ll go on every TV show and God only knows what she’ll be selling on those shows.”

Gloria Allred’s email response was, “He is talking about something that he knows nothing about. I wonder what his motives may be in making such a statement. Is he upset that Rachel chose my firm to represent her and not him? Is he upset because we choose to represent victims of crime while he has chosen to represent criminals and those accused of crimes? I wonder how he measures success. Does he celebrate if he gets a murderer or a rapist off to walk free on the streets again? He should do what he does best, which is crawling in the gutter to represent the dregs of society.”

Today, Roy knocked the ball back into Gloria’s court – hmmm, maybe we should search for a golf analogy instead – with an email of his own stating, “I have no interest in representing gold diggers (or perhaps I should use the epithet dregs as Gloria does) who want to sell their sordid stories about celebrities and thus Gloria can keep them all. And yes I do represent citizens charged with crimes which is at least an honorable part of the legal profession. Gloria two questions: Why is it every time you represent someone it is in the glare of the TV cameras? How do they know just where to show up to film you?”

See email below: