Selfish Fear, Wisdom Dear; a Poem

I look high into the Sky. Darkness. I look deep into the sea. Darkness. I think of me instead of we. Darkness. I want something at your expense. Darkness. I refuse to see my faults. Darkness. I only see me faults. Darkness.

I listen to the birds sing. Joy. I look at the plants in all their glory. Joy. I realize I am part of something bigger. Joy. I give and do not simply take. Joy. I see the smile on your face. Joy. I look to the future while living in the present. Joy.

I don’t know when it happened. I couldn’t really say when. I don’t know when you became my friend. Does it matter really when? We can see the stars together. We can lie in fields of green. We can stroll up and down the banks of a never ending stream. We can dream of the unreal. We can live what we believe. But it is up to us. This is not make believe.

We are in it together, in this thing called life. We can accept that we’re brothers and sisters or we can spend all day and fight. The answer to the question, is the question that’s not asked. When will we pay attention to what really is the task.

I see the sun. I see the moon. I refuse darkness. I refuse doom. Heaven waits, bright and glowing. And I see your smiling face. I look back over my life and see I’ve been all over the place. But, and this is truly key, the answers I see, truly reside in me. It isn’t a place. It isn’t a time. It doesn’t come with fancy food, no one serves you wine. The answers well up from your heart and, hopefully, in time.

Wisdom digs a slow path through our brains. It’s the soul’s way of helping us relieve our pain. What pain? The pain of living. And what causes this pain? A lack of giving. So away darkness. Enter in the light. Today and forever more we’ll invite in peace and live without selfish fright.

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