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Selah and the Spades a Must See Film: Sheds Light on the Pressures Facing Teenagers Growing Up Today; It’s Raw. Real and a Must See

With continued stay at home orders across America, millions are availing themselves of streaming services, from Netflix to Hulu to Amazon Prime. On Friday April 17th, a new movie from Amazon Studios comes to Amazon Prime Video, that everyone can add to their watch list.

Selah and the Spades focuses on a group of teenagers in a boarding school who are about to leave their high school years behind for college. CYInterview was given an advance screening of the film, before its release this week.

For anyone who would like to better understand the social pressures facing teenagers today, as they try to please their parents while finding their own identity, Selah and the Spades can give you some keen insight. You can understand why certain young people make terrible mistakes, rebel against authority and hurt each other in the process.

The two major characters in this film are African American teenagers, played by actresses Lovie Simone and Celeste O’Connor. They show what it’s like to grow up in America today and how society views them.

Those who went to boarding school may find some relatable moments in Selah and the Spades. Almost everyone is likely to walk away from this film thinking that the social pressures facing kids today have never been greater and can at times be very harmful.