Seeker’s Path, a Poem

A wondrous circle
An endless cycle
This thing called life
Goes round

Call out, perhaps to yourself
Perhaps to the eagle soaring on high
Call out and ask
It is natural to question why

A flower, a bird, the luscious scented air
Rain sweet like nectar
Glistening in raven hair
At times we look, but do we see?

At time we listen, but do we hear?
Clues are all around
Messages do abound
Like the sunset, shining through the fog

A wise man said we don’t have the answers
Because we do not have the questions
But this human thing is to ask
To seek, to search and in truth bask

Ah, yet that is a fleeting thing
What is truth?
Love, nature, a chirping bird
A heartfelt, kind word

Go now to sleep
But awaken renewed
It is time to make progress asking
And for answers to be reviewed

The New Year is here
And new answers abound
Even if they are old ones
That we now find profound

Fibonacci and the golden mean
The swirl of the universe
An operatic scene
Ups and downs and a regression to the mean

The path is clear, misty yet clear
Questions are why we are here
It is up to us to seek answers and the truth
And truth is love and what we hold dear

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