Sales and Faith

Sales is a faith based activity. That is right. You have to have faith in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, how will you ever believe in the product or service you are selling? How will you believe in the imperative of doing the right thing for your customer or prospective customer? Faith in yourself, in fact, is the terra firma upon which success is cultivated, in any endeavor.

Different writers who focus on motivation, self-help and personal achievement have offered a host of ways in which we can cultivate belief in ourselves. Some have suggested that irrespective of what we believe, we should “fake it till we make it,” in a given endeavor. Others have suggested that we “act as if,” when it comes to having an attitude that helps us believe in our ability to do something.

I will not assess the pros and cons of the aforementioned methods of working toward success. I will say, however, that the more we accomplish, the easier it is to believe in ourselves.

Many times we can improve our level of self-belief by looking at other people who are succeeding at their endeavors. Most of these people have something in common. They have a goal. You can have a goal. They focus. You can focus. They work consistently at achieving their goal. You can work consistently at achieving your goal. They have a high frustration tolerance. You can have a high frustration tolerance.

Believe in yourself and take action. If you are in sales, work hard to bring value to your clients. You will succeed. If you are in any other endeavor, believe in yourself, work hard and bring value to the people you serve. You will make great strides in your career.

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