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Ryan Worley, 2020 Chippendales Calendar Cover Man More Than Just a Hunk: Performer’s Humble, Talented and Intelligent; Speaks About Coming to the Famed Show, His Life and How He Trains

The Las Vegas Chippendales show has continued to connect with its fans during the coronavirus pandemic. With their online digital experience available on Zoom, House Party, Face Time and Google Hangout, Chippendales@Home is entertaining fans everywhere. From frontline healthcare workers to ticket holders for shows that have been postponed, everyone is invited.

2020 Chippendales calendar cover man Ryan Worley is one of the Chippendales who you can party with or have virtual workouts with, on the various online platforms. Ryan told us how the concept for Chippendales@Home came to be:

“Our management was constantly thinking of ways to keep the brand going, to keep people, you know, their spirits high. This is a time where, you know, I mean depression is at an all time high. I live alone personally. So, this is a good way for me to interact with people and kind of feel a sense of normalness.”

Everyone’s road to joining Chippendales is different. Ryan shares his story of becoming part of this popular Las Vegas male revue:

“Fitness is my passion. I was actually married. My story is I was raised Mormon. I’m definitely not Mormon anymore, but I was married to the Mormon Church and then my wife at the time just didn’t want to be intimate with me. And it broke my heart and I ended up finding fitness because I thought, hey, If I look good, then maybe she’ll want to. And that didn’t work, but I did find my passion with fitness. You know, got divorced, six months later, found out about Chippendales and then ended up applying.”

Ryan Worley also has an in-depth discussion with featured columnist Jay Bildstein about his training regimen, bodybuilding, nutrition and much more.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Ryan Worley CYInterview:

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You can visit www.chippendales.com or call 866-CHIP999 for more information on Chippendales@Home.