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Roy Black Talks Lohan

Garcelle Beauvais couldn’t disagree with me that Lindsay Lohan is a method actress. Actors use method acting to draw on their own real life experiences to become the characters they play on screen, but they also become them sometimes. Is it possible that Lohan’s attorney could use method acting as a defense? Big time attorney Roy Black, who has represented Rush Limbaugh and William Kennedy Smith, gives his thoughts on that and Lohan’s legal situation.

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Chris Yandek: Garcelle Beauvais made an interesting comment about Lindsay Lohan being a method actress meaning that she is in character and living her characters through her daily life. Is it possible of using the method acting defense in a real court?

Roy Black: “Well, I have to admit that’s somewhat unique. I don’t think I’ve ever quite heard that before. It sounds somewhat logical, but it wouldn’t work as a matter of law because the law holds you responsible for your actions unless you meet some type of an insanity type of defense, which means you have to lose touch with reality. Literally being in character and doing something that’s voluntarily and willful is not going to be a defense.”

CY: Haven’t there been more crazy and outside the box defenses than that?

RB: “Yes they have, but usually they’re not very successful.”

CY: You probably have seen all the attention around Ms. Lohan at this point, but from a legal standpoint and perspective, with two DUI’s and the possession of cocaine, how much time do you think she could possibly get?

RB: “The problem that she has is that now the standard has been set with Paris Hilton. I imagine that the judge is going to be under a lot of pressure to give her like a 60 day sentence, 45 day sentence. Something like what happened with Paris because if he doesn’t it looks very unfair. I would imagine that’s going to be her problem. I know her lawyer is going to be working to have her to go into rehab or something like that in place of going into jail. I think it’s going to be sort of tough for her of getting out of going to jail.”

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