Ronda Rousey Should Go WWE if Finished in UFC

After last night’s loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, many are wondering what the future holds for UFC star Ronda Rousey. Some believe her mixed martial arts career is over. It is too early to predict whether or not she is finished with fighting. But if she is, one of her potential options might be to sing a contract with the WWE. It is not so far-fetched to believe that Rousey could join the world of professional wrestling.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Other UFC stars including Dan “The Beast” Severn [see his CYInterview segment here,] Ken Shamrock and Tank Abbott had runs in professional wrestling. Severn wrestled The Rock in the WWE and was an NWA World Champion; Shamrock was a WWE Intercontinental Champion and King of the Ring tournament winner and Tank Abbott was in the WCW. No doubt, UFC fighters have found success in pro wrestling. Why not Ronda Rousey?

2. Of course, Ms. Rousey has already worked with the company when she participated in WrestleMania 31, with The Rock. Other famous fighters from Mike Tyson to Floyd Mayweather Jr. have made appearances in the WWE too. Though neither was a full time performer, the WWE has a history of working with famous fighters and Rousey might consider availing herself of a full time stint if her UFC career is over.

3. There is no denying that the WWE would love to grab some mainstream headlines. With so much competition in entertainment today, signing Ronda Rousey would bring in MMA fans, sports fans and other people who would not regularly watch pro wrestling. The WWE always wants to get new people to watch their product. Signing Rousey would get the company additional media coverage on a variety of sports and entertainment media outlets that they do not frequently get. No denying the company would also put its biggest and best resources behind her.

4. Money! After getting a reported 3 million dollars for her loss to Amanda Nunes last night at UFC 207, one has to wonder if Rousey could command such a pay day again. Consider she has now suffered two consecutive MMA losses. Brock Lesnar who has been in both the UFC and WWE has reportedly made millions a year in pro wrestling. One could make the argument that Rousey could sign a multi-million dollar contract with merchandising, pay per view and other revenue possibilities with the company. She already has a built in fan base. There’s money to be made there if done correctly, for all involved.

Final analysis: The WWE will always have its core fans, but if it wants to expand its market share, perhaps signing Ronda Rousey to a contract would draw new fans to it. If she really has had her last UFC fight, going to the WWE would be a great option for her and could very well happen. Oh, and, her Judo background should give her plenty of preparation for the rough and tumble of the mat.

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