Roman Gabriel III Legends and Leaders, Working Against Fentanyl, Friday in Las Vegas

On Friday, the event Legends and Leaders will take place at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. It will bring together celebrities and community leaders to raise awareness about the dangers of fentanyl.

One of the speakers at the event will be Sold Out Youth Foundation CEO Roman Gabriel III. Roman has spent years building his foundation, which educates students on living a drug free and alcohol-free life. Mr. Gabriel is the son of NFL quarterback Roman Gabriel.

Speaking about the Legends and Leaders event taking place here in Las Vegas on Friday, Roman shared this:

“We’ll be putting on a program educating a lot of community leaders in Vegas about first of all the problem we have with fentanyl nationwide including Las Vegas, biggest killer of teenagers in America in our country right now, number one killer of 18 to 45 year olds, almost 300 people a day. So, we’ll have an all- star panel.”

Explaining that a tiny quantity of fentanyl is needed to end someone’s life, Roman said this:

“Heroin obviously is extremely powerful, but fentanyl is 100 to 300 times or 500 times, depending on the amount, more powerful than heroin. So basically what it takes is if you were to take off your table and pour salt into your hand and put one grain of salt in your finger and hold it up, that would be enough to kill in some situations two people. And the problem is it’s cheap to get; it’s hidden in all these things we think are safe.”

You can watch the entire CYInterview with Roman Gabriel III below:

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