Mel Stottlemyre

RIP Mel Stottlemyre: Yankee Great Passes at 77; We Look Back at Our CYInterview with the Pitcher/Pitching Coach

CYInterview would like to extend its condolences to the family and friends of baseball great Mel Stottlemyre. The former New York Yankee pitcher and pitching coach for the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Seattle Mariners and Houston Astros has passed away, at the age of 77.

Mel Stottlemyre was a five time World Series Champion as a pitching coach and five time MLB All-Star as a player. As a pitcher, he won 164 games and had a career ERA (earned run average) of 2.97. He also played alongside of New York Yankee greats Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford.

After not liking how his career ended as a player with the New York Yankees, Mel would later make peace with the past and return to the team as their pitching coach where he would contribute to their winning four World Series Championships, during the Joe Torre regime. He also helped the New York Mets win a World Series, as their pitching coach, in 1986.

I CYIntervewed Mel back in 2007, when his book, Pride and Pinstripes: The Yankees, Mets, and Surviving Life’s Challenges was released. Our CYInterview covered everything from his time as a player with the Yankees, including facing St Louis Cardinals great Bob Gibson, in the 1964 World Series, to dealing with Yankee team owner George Steinbrenner, to how cancer changed his life.

Our CYInterview, much like his autobiography is candid and interesting. He was one of baseball’s best and will be missed by many. You can listen below:

Listen to the entire Mel Stottlemyre CYInterview:

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