RIP Gilbert Gottfried: Hilarious Comic, Good Man, Dead

The uproariously funny comedian, Gilbert Gottfried is dead. He was 67 years old.

Mr. Gottfried, with his unmistakable voice and delivery, pushed the boundaries of comedy and, in so doing, served as a shining example of why freedom of speech is a cherished commodity. While his humor may have been edgy and, at times downright offensive, he was a good man who was a master of his craft.

Gilbert was with us on CYInterview a short 7 months ago. He was hilarious. He was also courteous and reflective, and just an all-around good guy. In fact, we were looking to have him join us again sometime soon.

You can listen to our CYInterview with Gilbert Gottfried here.

RIP Gilbert. Push the boundaries of good taste up in heaven!