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RIP Frank Cullotta: Technical Advisor for Martin Scorsese Film Casino Has Died, Had Covid-19; Former Mobster, Author Lead Tour of Las Vegas Spots Used in Film; Was Former CYInterview Guest

Yesterday, Frank Cullotta, a technical advisor for the Martin Scorsese film Casino, which took place in Las Vegas, died. Mr. Cullotta was a living part of Las Vegas history, as a former mobster, government witness and author. He was a past CYInterview guest as well. Reportedly, Mr. Cullotta had Covid-19, in addition to other health challenges.

Frank was part of Las Vegas’s mob era. A good deal of that period, including Mr. Cullotta’s own account of the events of that time, were documented in author Nicholas Pileggi’s book Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas. The book served as the basis for Martin Scorsese’s film, Casino. Frank served as a technical advisor on the film. The movie starred Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone and Don Rickles, among others. It centered on mob activities in Las Vegas in the 1970s. This year is the 25th anniversary of the film.

Last year, we spoke with Frank Cullotta for an hour plus CYInterview, about his time in Las Vegas during that bygone era. We discussed many of the actual people who served as the inspiration for the characters in Casino, including Frank Rosenthal, Tony Spilotro and Geri McGee.

Additionally, we went on Mr. Cullotta’s guided tour here in Las Vegas, which highlighted some of the locations for Casino. You can see our photo with Frank, taken during the tour, above. You can find our CYInterview with Mr. Cullotta by clicking here.

In Casino, the character of Frank Marino, played by Frank Vincent who has since died, was based on Frank’s life story. Frank Cullotta was 81 years old.

We extend our condolences to Mr. Cullotta’s family and friends at this difficult time.

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