RIP Franco Columbu: The Voice of the Golden Age of Bodybuilding, Our Friend Ric Drasin, Joins Us to Pay Tribute to His Friend and Bodybuilding Comrade in Arms, the Great Dr. Franco Columbu

A few days ago, one of the legends of bodybuilding, Franco Columbu, died. He was 78 years old. Franco was a two-time Mr. Olympia, author and chiropractor. He was one of the world’s strongest bodybuilders and a true credit to the sport. He trained with fellow bodybuilding legends Arnold Schwarzenegger and CYInterview regular Ric Drasin.

Ric joins us to remember Franco, who was his bodybuilding colleague and friend. Last year, the two reunited on Ric’s popular YouTube show, Ric’s Corner. Mr. Drasin plans to republish those segments with Franco, insuring that more people see them on YouTube. Speaking of his memories of Franco, Ric told us this:

“He’s an amazing guy. The guy was strong, strong beyond belief for his size. But he had that mindset he could never let anything stand in his way of strength or whatever he wanted to achieve. He was just eternal and I think that’s a big part of that. I think Arnold was like that as well. It rubbed off on me being around them.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein leads this tribute as we celebrate the life of one of the greatest bodybuilders to ever live, Dr. Franco Columbu. You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Ric Drasin CYInterview:

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