RIP Betty White – You Will Live Forever in Our Hearts!

Over the last decade, Hollywood legend Betty White earned the title of national treasure. A household name owing to her roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls and the more recent Hot in Cleveland, Ms. White’s show business career began in 1945.

Today, just 18 days short of turning 100 years old, the last living Golden Girl has passed away. She was 99. Statements on her death have poured in from every part of the spectrum including from President Joe Biden, former First Lady Michelle Obama, Sandra Bullock, William Shatner and Conan O’Brien among many others.

Here are a few statements that were released by past CYInterview guests:

Legendary impersonator, comedian, actor and Las Vegas headliner Rich Little [see here and here] said:

“I was honored to have Betty on my show in the 1970s. I think it was the best show we ever did. She was an amazing woman- a bundle of energy, and a wonderful sense of humor. Betty was loved by everyone. She will be sorely missed.”

Oscar winning actor George Chakiris [see here]:

“To glorious, ethical, funny, and just fantastic Betty White. She was a blessing! May we all follow her example and footsteps for a better world!”

Tony award winning actress and singer Anika Noni Rose [see here and here]:

“We don’t get to be too sad. You gave us so much quality joy for so very long. I remember my grandmother laying across her bed with her foot hanging off the side, as she cackled with my aunt about some shenanigan or another you pulled off as Rose. (She referred to said aunt AS Rose when the phone was replaced in its cradle) We laughed SO hard with you. People don’t know how smart you have to be to convincingly play dumb, and make it funny. And this was at the BACK END of a storied career.”

Actor Josh Gad [see here]:

“I don’t think I’ve ever been sadder at the loss of a 99 year old than I am today. @BettyMWhite was truly one of the greatest comedic voices of her or any other generation. Not only was she the last Surviving Golden Girl but she was a living reminder of the golden age of Hollywood.”

The world may be a divided and sometimes a dark place, but Betty White made millions of people laugh, inspired and feel good about themselves. All of us need more people like Betty White in our lives. She will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace Ms. White. Though you was here for 99 years, it still seems like you are gone too soon. Thank you for being a friend to all of us, even those who did not know you.

Photo credit: Bill Dow, Courtesy of NATAS/DAYTIME EMMYS