Ric Drasin’s Back: Discusses His Interviews with Bodybuilding Legends, Mr. Olympia, Franco Columbu and Mr. America John Heart; Talks About Current Trends in Exercise and His Opinion on Sugar; More

Every time we have bodybuilding legend/former pro wrestler Ric Drasin on CYInterview, there is an interesting discussion about working out. In our latest conversaton, with featured columnist Jay Bildstein, we discuss whether or not certain trends in exercise might make demands on the body that auger against physical training longevity.

Ric has continued to have compelling guests on his YouTube channel, Ric’s Corner. He recently had a two part segment with fellow bodybuilding legend Franco Columbu, who is a former multi time Mr. Olympia, actor, chiropractor and World’s Strongest Man competitor. He was also a roommate of Arnold Schwarzenegger, years ago. Additionally, we spoke with Ric about another recent guest he had on his show, former Mr. America John Heart, as well as discussing Ric’s point of view on sugar.

Mr. Drasin also fills us in on some of his latest doings and projects.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Ric Drasin CYInterview:

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You can purchase a copy of Ric Drasin’s The Time of My Life here.

You can visit Ric Drasin’s website, www.ricdrasin.com, to learn more about Ric’s Corner, his books and his other projects.