Ric Drasin is Back: Insightful Golden Age Bodybuilder/Former Pro Wrestler and Host of Ric’s Corner on YouTube Back with Insights on How to Keep on Keeping on, More

Having bodybuilding legend, pro wrestler, author, illustrator, the host of the popular YouTube show Ric’s Corner and CYInterview regular, Ric Drasin, on CYInterview always makes for interesting conversation. What follows is a CYInterview with Ric, featured columnist Jay Bildstein and myself about moving forward in life – no matter what the obstacles may be and keeping a positive attitude, with a focus on health and working out.

Additionally, Ric gives us an update on how he is doing personally and his shirt project with Dover Street Market, among other topics.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Ric Drasin CYInterview:

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You can purchase a copy of Ric Drasin’s The Time of My Life here.

You can visit Ric Drasin’s website, www.ricdrasin.com, to learn more about Ric’s Corner, his books and his other projects.