Rhombus and Square, a Poem

Sweet potato, luxury tomato, crouching little duck
Walking in the cold bright countryside
Wondering about our luck

Gone for gravy, seas are wavy, looking at a tree
Balloons in the sky, talking about why
Yearning to be free

Asked a barber, to lend his hardware, cut my hair myself
Passed a rock, and there was unlocked,
The secret by an elf

Zwölf, elf, zehn, I hoped would be gone my pain
But a metaphysical ache, does not dissipate
You must work to make a gain

Ah, there’s the golden door, a portal I abhor
Composed of promises and built on warm misses
As I come close, but get no cigar

Clever as can be, I look at the lake to see me
Don’t be Narcissus, better to work on wishes
And make them real to be free

1, 2, 3, the countdown is for me
We shuffle off this mortal coil
A dance of mystery

7, 15, 45, we get honey from the bee
Are we as productive or just self-seductive?
This is the fundamental query

Those in heaven hold their breath, waiting for our fate
Better to keep them guessing
I think I will come late

Grappa and kirschwasser, pickles and capers, savory little things
The best of our hopes, we trust they will float
And become birds with double wings

Jump back now, get up, wake before it’s done
There is lots to do, plenty of joy
Time to have some fun.

Now Dance! Now Dance! Now turn yourself around!
We can do it, we’ll get through it
It need not be profound

Square and rhombus, you make the angle, live your authenticity
Shout it loud or whisper it proud
Infuse abundant glee

This is your verse in the universe!
This is your verse in the universe!
This is your verse in the universe!

Fade in
Now Dance!
Now Dance!

Image courtesy of vorakorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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