Revisiting Our CYInterview with Dr. James Hildreth and Dr. Kristen Willeumier: Please Listen to this Important Conversation to Gain Greater Insight into Taking Steps to Stop the Coronavirus Pandemic

Three weeks ago, we brought you a compelling CYInterview with Dr. James Hildreth and Dr. Kristen Willeumier.

Dr. Hildreth is a medical doctor with a PhD in Immunology and is President of the Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Kristen Willeumier is a neuroscientist with a new book coming out in December, published by Harper Collins, titled Biohack Your Brain: How to Boost Cognitive Health, Performance & Power.

Doctors Hildreth and Willeumier had important information to share with us. Their past CYInterview is must listening. You can find it by clicking here.

With cases of Covid-19 reportedly rising in almost every state, Americans must take every step recommended by the medical authorities to prevent further sickness and death in the United States.

Steps recommended by the authorities at this time include:

1. Staying at home whenever possible.
2. Always wearing a mask when out in public.
3. Good hygiene with a focus on frequent and adequate handwashing with soap and water or, when impractical, using hand sanitizer.
4. Maintaining social distancing of at least six feet when out in public.

Additionally, taking steps to improve our general health and immune function including: getting a good night sleep, getting the recommended amount of exercise, eating a healthier diet including fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated and reducing stress all seem like good ideas – not just now but in general.

Editor’s note: Please consult your medical professional before making any changes to your routine and to ask any questions regarding your personal health needs.

When it comes to Covid-19, Dr. Hildreth told us three weeks ago that there would be no break from the virus:

“People have been afraid of the virus coming back in the fall. Well, it doesn’t have to come back because it’s not going anywhere. If you look at what happened on Memorial Day Weekend, it’s very clear that the virus is not gonna subside because there’s so many people who are not taking it seriously.”

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Willeumier told us she hoped that people would become more aware of the choices they were making in their daily lives when it comes to their health:

“I’m hoping it’s a time that people are more inspired or empowered to think about their food choices and their lifestyle choices.”

We hope that everybody stays safe and healthy as we continue to deal with this global pandemic. We need to realize that it is up to all of us to protect each other.

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