Resorts World Opening on Las Vegas Strip this Summer: Las Vegas Will be Back from Pandemic, Bigger and Better Than Ever

The Las Vegas Strip’s newest resort is only a few months from opening. Above is a picture of Resorts World. The hotel and casino is still under construction. Expect Las Vegas’s newest boulevard resident to be open for business this summer.

The Entertainment Capital of the World is a town that continues to have new beginnings. It also has a storied past, complete with longstanding venues.

Where Resorts World is located stood the famed Stardust Hotel and Casino. That resort was the setting for the book written by Nicholas Pileggi, titled Casino Love and Honor in Las Vegas. It focuses on the era when the mob played prominent roles in a number of the city’s casino/resorts. Mr. Pileggi’s book would serve as the basis for the making of the 1995 Martin Scorsese movie Casino.

Across the street from Resorts World is Las Vegas’s famous Peppermill restaurant. It has been there for almost 50 years. Some of the real-life individuals upon whom the movie Casino is based would hang out at the Peppermill. Included were Frank “Lefty” Rosnethal and past CYInterview guest, former mobster/government witness the late Frank Cullotta [see here].

The Peppermill has one of the best and most varied menus in Las Vegas. One of my favorite dishes there are the onion rings. This is a great place to hang out, have a drink and eat some delicious food.

The next time you visit Las Vegas, take a look at Resorts World. It looks impressive. We anxiously await its opening.