Resort to Love with Past CYInterview Guest Christina Milian Worth Watching

Did you watch Resort to Love, starring past CYInterview guest Christina Milian, over the weekend on Netflix? If you have not, here are a few reasons why you should.

1.) The movie has beautiful scenery with tons of beach, water, and island scenes. It will make you want to go on vacation. Most of the film was shot on the Indian Ocean island nation of the Republic of Mauritius. It is located east of Madagascar.

2.) There is a lot of good singing and some bad singing too. Viewers are treated to some good cover performances by Christina Milian.

3.) There are lots of fun moments in this movie. Though it is over the top at times, it is worth the watch.

4.) Christina Milian plays a very likable, down to earth character. The character she plays, Erica Wilson, is like Christina was when we met her on a few occasions, fun and easygoing.

5.) This is a perfect midsummer romcom.

You can see our past CYInterview with Christina Milian by clicking here.

With Christina Milian at Miami Swim Week Back in 2012
With Christina Milian back in 2013 for Viva Diva Wines