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Remember Shontelle: Talented and Insightful, the Singer/Songwriter’s Latest Song, Remember Me, is Rich and Soulful; She Joins Us for a CYInterview You Will Not Want to Miss

Our dear friend, singer/songwriter Shontelle Layne recently released a brilliant new song titled Remember Me. The talented artist recorded it in her home country of Barbados.

Many know Shontelle for her hit songs Impossible and T-Shirt. In 2009, she was on tour with mega music star Beyonce, for Ms. Knowles I Am… World Tour. Her latest track, Remember Me, is both rich in sound and powerful of lyric. Shontelle talked to us about breaking free from formulaic song craft. In our latest CYInterview with the star, she said this:

Remember Me is maybe like my first attempt at making a decision to just like, not care about what’s out there and taking full control of what I want a Shontelle song to sound like. … I just feel like we’ve gotten in the habit of I guess, I’ll call it being enslaved to algorithms. So, no one I feel is like really making music that you can really feel anymore.”

In recent years, many of Shontelle’s fans have wondered why there seemed to be a pause in her music career. Our CYInterview explores this with her. The singer/songwriter sums it up as a much needed break, away from modern day madness, at home in Barbados where she currently resides:

“It was almost like a forced necessary break, like for the mind. Sometimes you don’t realize that you need it, but you do. And so just being able to just go to the beach whenever I want and actually be around family and people I love and be around my dogs and stuff like that is, there’s a therapeutic element to all that.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview, that fans of Shontelle, and music fans in general, will not want to miss. The singer/songwriter continues to write songs and told us there will be more new music in the future.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Shontelle Layne CYInterview:

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