Relax Into Success

The notion that relaxing can lead to success probably seems unusual to some people. After all, we are taught that success comes as a result of hard work. Perhaps, we are taught to not just work hard but also to work smart. Certainly, we are taught to focus on what we are doing. We are taught to be goal oriented.

How many times are we taught to relax, when it comes to learning how to succeed? Not many I suspect. Unfortunately, we tend to become myopic about what it is we are trying to accomplish. We forget what we might accomplish if we modified, albeit slightly, our approach to whatever it is we are attempting to achieve.

Working hard and relaxing are not mutually exclusive propositions. We can do both. We simply cannot do both at the same time. Many of us have forgotten that just working can make us dull. We fail to consider that taking time off and taking time away from our career trajectory can lead us to becoming sharper and more focused.

The question is not whether or not hard work is a key ingredient in the success formula. It is. At the same time, learning how and when to relax is a part of that same recipe for success. Discovering how best to moderate our work and relaxation modes can lead to better performance in all areas of our lives be it in business, school, athletics, what have you.

We have to know when to work hard and we have to know when to back off our efforts in order to restore our energy and refresh our minds.

Often, when we step away from what we are doing and take a walk or meditate or go to a movie or out to dinner, we come back with a new perspective on whatever it is we were doing. Our batteries are recharged. We end up raring to go once again, ready to take on the task before us.

Relaxation is a key part of learning to perform at our best. Ignoring our relaxation skills can be as detrimental as not being willing to work hard on a consistent basis.

Work hard. Relax! Then get back to work.

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