Rapper Fat Joe’s 411 on Song is Why Singer/Songwriter Ashanti is Trending on Social Media

You might be wondering why singer/songwriter Ashanti is trending on social media today. It relates to something she did not know, about a famous song which she took part in. The singer got an interesting tidbit of information about that song, yesterday.

If you grew up as a teenager/twenty-something in the early 2000s, you would remember the 2001 R&B/hip-hop song What’s Luv? featuring rapper Fat Joe, with vocals from Ashanti and Ja Rule as well. A part of the song pays tribute to Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got to Do With It.

Yesterday, Fat Joe and Ashanti held an Instagram Live chat. During the confab, Fat Joe revealed to Ashanti that Jennifer Lopez was under consideration to do the vocals on What’s Luv? However, he said Ashanti sounded amazing on the track and, consequently, he opted not to make the switch. Ashanti said she never knew that until yesterday.

As for Fat Joe, we met him back in 2012 on South Beach during Art Basel week. You can see our photo above.