Randy Moss

Randy Moss

Many consider him the top wide receiver in the NFL today. Randy Moss has been through his share of controversies during his NFL career, but off the field he is having success preparing for his life after the game. Randy Moss speaks candidly about his team the Oakland Raiders, his legal troubles, his charity work, and his business work with a growing smoothie company Inta Juice.

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Chris Yandek: First off how are you?

Randy Moss: “What’s going on? How are you?”

CY: Very good. Why did you feel it was important to invest into an Inta Juice Franchise and tell the public what Inta Juice is.

RM: “Well, the reason I wanted to invest in it is because I felt that the way we Americans are concerned about our health that I wanted to invest in something that I felt comfortable in bringing back to the people such as something healthy as a smoothie. My goal is to really try to get it out there to the school systems, to the kids where this child obesity problem has taken a toll on our country also. That is a couple things that I wanted to really try to get Inta Juice moving in the right direction. It’s just a smoothie company that was first founded in Fort Collins, Colorado. We were able to branch out to our first franchise out of the state of Colorado and it was in Minnesota. That’s how I really got a taste of the product, by me tasting it two to three times a week while I was working for the Minnesota Vikings. I thought it would be a good idea for me to explore further into the company. They were able to get me some franchises of my own, and when I was able to start off with my franchises or getting my franchises started, they just decided to bring me on as a business partner with the company. That’s where we are now.”

CY: What are your favorite smoothies?

RM: “Well, my favorite smoothie is the Caribbean Blend. It’s really the first smoothie that I really tasted. When I tasted that smoothie it caught me off guard because I didn’t think that a smoothie that is supposed to be so healthy would taste really like a fruit pop, a popsicle, a slurpy, or what not. That’s really how I fell in love with the Caribbean Blend. I really haven’t had the chance to fall in love really with any other smoothie. Every time I get a smoothie it is the Caribbean Blend.”

CY: The career of an NFL player on average is three to four years. Tell me how important you think it is to invest some of your NFL earnings into other things like Inta Juice so you make other revenue besides what you make in the NFL.

RM: “Well, the reason why I think it’s important is because we as NFL football players have a lot of leverage. A lot of people think that we don’t have what we should have. We are on TV. We are playing games every Sunday. We are America’s favorite sport. Another thing also really is try to get all the money that we spend on a weekly or monthly basis with our checks that we receive from playing football, being able to go out there and invest in something else besides the contract money that we get by playing football is something that I want to try to get the guys to feel that you can have your money working for you also while you are playing football. What I am doing is making money everyday along with my football money.”

CY: Do you think certain NFL players are unprepared for the working world and the business world when they leave the game?

RM: “Well, I was headed in that direction until I really had to really sit down and evaluate as far as how much money I was putting out on a yearly average with all my expenses. Just a very selective few guys that play in the NFL try to prepare themselves for life after football. I have said time and time again that Magic Johnson really started this trend with life after sports by being a successful businessman. I think he has made more money off the court than he did on the court. That’s one thing I really am trying to do because I am young and still have my second life ahead of me. That is the business side after football. I just want to really hopefully be a successful businessman along with being a successful professional athlete.”

CY: Why do you think your team the Oakland Raiders hasn’t been as good as they can be and what do they need to be a contender?

RM: “I think the reason that we aren’t headed in the right direction is because guys are really tired. We aren’t as fresh as we should be going into a game. I think that once we realize that we are playing a football game or we are in a real football game it’s really too late because it’s really hard to be coming back in this league. Hopefully one thing that will be done after this off week is that guys can freshen their minds up and freshen their bodies up and come back and be serious about what we do.”

CY: Do you feel you have to go somewhere else to win a Super Bowl or can you win a Super Bowl in Oakland?

RM: “That I don’t know. Actually it’s kind of funny. I would like a Super Bowl as soon as I can get one in the next year or two. Would I like for it to be Oakland? Yeah. Any team I play for I want to win a Super Bowl. If it’s not here with Oakland then whatever.”

CY: Why do you think Oakland Raiders quarterback Aaron Brooks has struggled at the quarterback position?

RM: “That I don’t know. I don’t really see it like everyone else do because most of the time my back is turned and I have to run my route to try to get open. I really don’t see what everyone else sees. All I know is that us as a whole offensive unit isn’t being productive.”

CY: Terrell Owens used you as one of his examples in his book T.O. about how he thought he deserved to get paid close to what you make. What are your thoughts on Terrell Owens overall and why he compares himself to you?

RM: “Well, because I am the man. I am the one on top. I am the number one wide receiver out there. I think that everyone uses me as being at the top of the totem poll. It’s more or less the people looking at me because I have set a standard as the highest paid wide receiver in the history of the game. I think that’s where everyone tries to put that bar out there to try to have Randy Moss money.”

CY: Do you feel you still have to prove you are one of the top wide receivers in the game and do you still feel your foot speed is as good as it can be?

RM: “No. I have to go out there and prove day in and day out. It’s not just in games. It’s in practices also so my teammates can believe in me that I am the best receiver out there. Of course it’s not being showed because the offense hasn’t been productive thus far in two games this season. Hopefully as the season goes on man I can still show my teammates and show the people I can still play. That’s what I want to do.”

CY: You have done your share of charity work for children. I know you don’t like to talk about it, but can you tell me a few things you have done for less fortunate children.

RM: “Just more of giving my time. I go to schools. I have been to schools. I have read to kids. Just giving a little bit of my time. I take kids on trips to amusement parks, to basketball games, and hopefully in the future some football games. Like you said, I really don’t like them publicized. I don’t live for the spotlight. I don’t live for the cameras. I live for the man upstairs. One thing that hopefully he can appreciate is me giving myself whatever I can give back to the people.”

CY: You have been through you share of legal troubles in your life. What have you learned from those experiences and what advice would you give to any young man whose in high school or college playing football and wants to get to the pros?

RM: “One thing that I have learned is not to trust anyone and to be careful who you talk to and who you hang around. For a guy coming into this league, keep your head up, be very thankful to have an opportunity to be a professional athlete, and at the same time stay humble. Never forget where you come from. That is one thing I never forget where I come from because I was down one minute and then I am back up.”

CY: Last year you were very candid in an HBO interview about your usage of marijuana, but I have to ask when did you exactly use it during your NFL career if you could clarify that for me?

RM: “Probably some years ago. Probably back when I was in Minnesota. Probably about three to two and a half years ago.”

CY: Do you think there is any truth to the fact that Daunte Culpepper wanted you traded from Minnesota to Oakland?

RM: “I think at times he probably wanted me out of there, but to put my fingers on who or what it was that got me traded I really don’t know.”

CY: Finally, how many more years do you think you have left and tell me about any other projects that are going on?

RM: “I have some things in the making slowly but surely. I don’t know how many years I got left in this league man. One thing is for sure man, I am getting myself ready to leave the game.”

You can find a Inta Juice location near you and more information about the smoothie product at www.intajuice.com