Questions for the Small Business Owner

When you run your own business, there are a lot of things to consider. Even if your enterprise if functioning smoothly, it is wise, from time to time, to sit down and ask yourself some questions about it.

Here are three questions that might help you strengthen your efforts to make your business as successful as you dream it could be:

1 – Are your employees happy? You might be thinking, “What is the difference if my employees are happy or not. I am giving them a job. They should be thankful for that.” My friends, think again. You are right. People should be thankful for a job. Yet, it is also true that if people feel uncared for or unappreciated, separate and apart from their paycheck, they are going to behave like people. What does that mean? They will not work as hard as they might. They will look for better opportunities somewhere else. The result? You will suffer from high employee turnover and diminished workplace efficiency.

2 – Do you know your customers, I mean really know them? Sure, you think you know the market you serve, but do you know the people in that market? How connected are you to the ups and downs that your customers are facing economically and otherwise. How up to date are you with what your customers’ ever changing tastes are? Want to make more money? Learn more about your customers and their needs and desires.

3 – Are you in the right location? If you are running a retail business, a shop, a restaurant, anything like that and you are not in a good location for the kind of customers you are looking for, you might as well be running east looking for the sun to set. You are going in the wrong direction. Have you done any studies, even casual ones, counting pedestrian traffic on your street? Have you walked around your neighborhood and checked out what the parking situation is like? Don’t you think you should?

In business, as in life, we are never going to find the right answers unless and until we begin asking ourselves the right questions.

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