Queen of the Crossbow, the Amazing Silvia Silvia Talks to CYInterview About Her Craft, Looking Forward to Performance, the Pursuit of Excellence, More

Las Vegas has some of the greatest entertainers in the world. They work in a variety of arts, excelling at the highest level in their craft. In the world of the crossbow, arbalist – people who work with a bow and arrow are archers, people who work with crossbows are arbalists – Silvia Silvia’s performance in WOW – The Vegas Spectacular at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino is one of the most amazing things you will ever see.

Silvia Silvia shared that, due to the coronavirus, this is the longest break from performing that she has had in her career. Before the current world health challenge, she was entertaining audiences nightly in Las Vegas. The arbalist revealed to us that she misses performing, but she has continued to practice, create costumes and exercise while waiting for the day when she can be back on stage in Las Vegas. She told us:

“I want to feel like I’m born again. Believe me. … I want to feel, you know, since I’ve been in break like this, I already did four new costumes because I love working on my costume. Yeah. I did four new costumes. I am trying to put them in shows to the audience.”

The reason Silvia Silvia is absolutely magnificent at her craft is because of her commitment to excellence. As an aside, Commitment to Excellence is the motto of the Las Vegas Raiders. The America’s Got Talent alum tells us how impressed she is by an NFL team moving to Las Vegas. She is likewise impressed by the new Allegiant Stadium being built for football and other sporting/entertainment events. The Las Vegas entertainer shared this:

“I am so happy the Raiders are coming to Vegas. I cheer about this. I am very happy because did you see the stadium they’re building here? It’s incredible. I’ve never seen nothing so beautiful. It’s wonderful.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview that gets into many topics about Silvia Silvia’s career and her dedication to practice.

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With Silvia Silvia at WOW – The Vegas Spectacular

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