Pro Wrestling Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts CYInterview’s Pick for this Follow Friday

On this Follow Friday, we focus on pro wrestling legend, multiple time past CYInterview guest, former Las Vegas resident and celebrity graduation guest Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Mr. Roberts keeps an active profile on Instagram and Twitter.

Being in the middle of cap and gown season, we look back to when the pro wrestling legend attended my college graduation in 2009, at the University of Florida. You can see the picture above.

In 2017, we sat down with Jake for a CYInterview, here in Las Vegas at his home. You can see that CYInterview by clicking here.

This weekend, Jake Roberts will be back in the mainstream media spotlight when he is featured on an episode of WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures on the television channel A&E. The master of the DDT – his signature wrestling move – will travel the country in search of some of his most famous wrestling memorabilia, so that it may be placed in the WWE archives. That show airs at 10:00 PM eastern time.

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With Jake Roberts in 2017 here in Las Vegas
Chris Yandek With Jake “The Snake” Roberts in Florida in 2007