Positive Qualities

In business, school and life in general, intelligence is something we tend to look at with a certain degree of reverence. We often look up to people who are exceptionally intelligent. Generally, we believe these people have a particular advantage when it comes to succeeding at a given endeavor.

I certainly respect intelligence. However, having intelligence is only one of a number of factors that can help us succeed in life. There are, after all, some people who are naturally brilliant yet do not truly push themselves when it comes to accomplishing something. The flip side of this is that there are people of average intelligence who work very hard at their goals and, consequently, accomplish great things.

Perhaps, we should think about a host of qualities that can powerfully help a person to focus on a goal and achieve it. Some attributes that come to mind are discipline, a high tolerance to frustration, a positive outlook on life, a good imagination and emotional stability. Those are but some of the qualities that a person can have that will help them achieve things.

It is important that we take stock of what our positive qualities are. This can serve two purposes. The first is that by knowing what our talents are, we can get to work putting them to good use. The second is that we can then assess what areas we might need to improve in and work at that.

An example from athletics comes to mind. If we are very fast but are poor jumpers, we might consider running races rather than contesting the high jump. However, if we have a passion for the high jump, we might consider a training program that helps us to jump higher. After all, the ability to have passion for an endeavor is one of the greatest talents of all. This is especially true when accompanied by patience, another important quality.

The qualities we possess, as well as the qualities we choose to cultivate, can work together as powerful teammates helping us to reach our goals.

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