Political Journalist Cliston Brown Joins Us to Discuss Georgia Runoff Elections for U.S. Senate, More

Tomorrow is the Georgia runoff vote for the United States Senate. The two incumbents Republican David Perdue and Republican Kelly Loeffler are defending their seats against Democratic challengers Jon Osoff and Raphael Warnock. If the Democrats are able to win both races, they would have control of the United States Senate via a tiebreaking vote from incoming Vice President Kamala Harris.

Here to give us his thoughts on the Georgia Senate races, we welcome back political journalist, prognosticator and former congressional staffer Cliston Brown. Mr. Brown has been making predictions and providing analysis on United States elections for years. His prediction for the 2020 Presidential Election, that Joe Biden would receive more than 300 electoral votes against Donald Trump, was correct.

Though he is unsure who will win the Senate elections in question, Cliston does believe that either party will win both seats. However, even if the Democrats were to win, he says it is still going to be challenging for incoming President Joe Biden to accomplish his legislative agenda:

“50-50 with a tiebreaking vote doesn’t guarantee much of anything. My contention is that Republicans will continue to obstruct the way they obstructed during the Obama administration and that President Biden is probably going to have a very short list of legislative accomplishments.”

On what the biggest change would be in the United States Senate if the Democrats were to win the Georgia Senate races, the political journalist said this:

“The thing that it would change the most has to do with who’s setting the agenda in the Senate. If it’s Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, he is going to have a very different list of what things get to the floor than Majority Leader Chuck Schumer would. So there is something to be gained by Democrats winning these two seats and as Chris noted, there are certain things that can be pushed through under budget reconciliation rules.”

You can read Cliston Brown’s analysis of the Georgia Senate races by clicking here.

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