Plaza Hotel and Casino Downtown Las Vegas New Year’s Fireworks Show

New Year’s celebrations will take place tonight throughout the Entertainment Capital of the World. In Downtown Las Vegas, a fireworks presentation and drone show will take place at Midnight, from the roof of the Plaza Hotel and Casino, ringing in 2023. The show will last seven minutes.

We were joined by Plaza Hotel and Casino marketing manager Lisa Melmed, who has been with the resort for nine years, to discuss the fireworks show, as well as the Plaza in general.

Telling us about the only fireworks show in Downtown Las Vegas, located by the Fremont Street Experience, she shared this:

“We are so excited to have fireworks tomorrow night for New Year’s Eve. It’s a, there’s gonna be a seven-minute show. It’s off the south tower. So, people can see it from Fremont Street and we’re also gonna shut down part of Main Street right in front of the Plaza. So, guests are welcome to stand there. It’s a seven-minute show. It’s awesome. We do this every year and this year, we’re going bigger and better with adding the drone show. So, the fireworks is with Pyrotek Special Effects and its about 200 feet above the Plaza and it’s gonna be amazing and seen from miles around for Downtown and beyond.”

Giving her thoughts on what it is like to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Downtown Las Vegas, Lisa said this:

“It is so much fun. There are tons of people having a great time. It’s just, it’s a one of a kind, unique experience Downtown with the music, the different places that you can visit, the fireworks at the Plaza are going to be amazing. The drone show is gonna be amazing and we’re so excited for it.”

The Plaza’s marketing manager also gave us an update on all the renovations currently taking place at the Downtown Las Vegas resort. You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Lisa Melmed CYInterview:

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You can find more information about New Year’s Eve at the Plaza by clicking here.

Plaza Hotel and Casino Marketing Manager Lisa Melmed